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Serving the families of Charlotte, North Carolina

ABLE Kids is proud to serve Charlotte area families, providing the most effective, evidence-based treatment services for children with autism across the southeast. Our Charlotte, NC location offers ABA Therapy to children ages 2-6 diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, requiring 35+ hours per week of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. We also offer Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to children enrolled in our ABA Therapy services. Our sole passion here at ABLE Kids is to provide your child or loved one the skills he/she needs to live a full and meaningful life.

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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA 8509 Crown Crescent Ct Charlotte, NC 28227 Enrollment: 704.931.3747

Please visit our Resources pages, curated by our team to find articles and services to help your loved one. We’ve also added area specific resources including autism testing centers, mentoring & development groups, sensory friendly activities, assistance in paying for services, and more!

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

Onsite Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services are also available to children enrolled in our ABA services.

Providing an intensive, comprehensive ABA model to children between infancy and the age of 6 using individualized instructional programming and naturalistic teaching within daily routines to establish, maintain, and increase a child’s active engagement with people and their surroundings. Individual strengths and needs are identified across all developmental areas including social, language/communication, cognition, motor, play skills, and adaptive/life skills. A primary focus in our program on the symptomology of Autism Spectrum Disorder is; social, communication, and behavior skill domains. Services emphasize teaching the child to demonstrate the same developmental level as their neurotypical peers. Early intervention includes 1:1 teaching and training by highly motivated and trained staff to assist children who would benefit from an individualized, structured learning program.

**Treatment plans may include, but are not limited to, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Principles, Verbal Behavior, Discrete Trials Training, Incidental Teaching, Positive Behavior Support, Errorless Teaching. Fluency Building. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Occupational Therapy

Our team works to promote mobile independence for your child.

Occupational therapy is not typically associated with a pediatric clinic, but many children face developmental issues that can hinder their ability to move. “Occupation” refers to the normal, daily activities many of us take for granted, such as eating, getting dressed, enjoying time with friends, or working on homework.

Our team works to promote mobile independence for your child so their time at home, school and in the community is more natural with less hindrance. We use evidence-based research to strengthen, modify or adapt a child’s skills to maximize their ability to participate in daily routines that are foundational to their future.

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Speech Therapy

Our team helps your child learn effective communication.

Our speech therapy services are available to children throughout the CSRA to help them build strong communication skills that will be vital to their short- and long-term development. Our team helps your child learn effective verbal and written communication methods to help you, teachers, friends, and family better interact and understand what they’re communicating.

Speech therapy also helps with:

  • Oral-motor feeding issues
  • Articulation/Enunciation challenges
  • Expressive language
  • Receptive language
  • Social communication


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Educational Support/Advocacy

Bridging the gap between therapies received at home and at school.

Our team can help with IEP/504 advocacy, development, and review including FBA and BIP development. We can also provide your child’s BCBA to assist you at his/her IEP/504 meeting for advocacy and support. It is easier representing children already involved with our services to help bridge the gap between therapies received at home and at school. We can provide the written documentation to support a recommendation to your child’s school to give the IEP team a glance at the successful approaches that can be generalized in your child’s classroom.

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