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Unlocking Potential

For caregivers of children living with autism, having access to support, therapies, and resources under one roof can make a world of difference. Our teams at ABLE Kids work together while providing intensive, comprehensive therapies and resources for families all in one place.

At ABLE Kids, we believe that early intervention is most impactful when it comes to Autism. By providing a routine schedule with collaborative therapy, our therapists help ease the transition into elementary school and promote overall independence.

We pride ourselves on creating a positive, encouraging space to learn and work together, allowing the children to comfortably build the skills needed to thrive in any environment.

Empowering Children Early

Autism is a lifelong diagnosis. At ABLE Kids, we work to empower children who receive this diagnosis and help set them up through every stage of life. Each child is different, and their needs are unique to them. We take into account each individual’s strengths to work with and build upon.

Providing intensive therapies to children under the age of 6 can greatly benefit their language/communication, cognition, motor skills, adaptive life skills and more. ABLE Kids offers ABA therapy, Occupational therapy, and Speech therapy, each with their own dedicated therapy rooms. Our main objective is to prioritize func-tional communication and language skills, placing great emphasis on services that empower children to unlock their maximum potential. The sooner a child can begin behavioral therapy programs, the more likely they will make progress with their skills.

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The ABLE Kids Process

Whether your child receives an official autism diagnosis or you are beginning to suspect they may be on the spectrum, you may feel unsure as to what steps you should take next. ABLE Kids is here to help!

When you reach out to our team, we will begin by learning more about your child and your concerns. We take the time to educate families on what life with autism can look like. Once an official diagnosis is made, we can begin the enrollment process.

You will need to fill out an intake packet where we will learn more about your child. From there, we will discuss insurance coverage and payment options. Our team of therapists will assess your child and work together to create a 6-month plan of care based on the results. Once a plan of care is in place, we can begin therapy.

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ABLE Kids offers a positive work environment with a chance to quite literally change your community and make a difference daily. Our employees enjoy a healthy work/life balance, a commitment to professional development, a pay scale, and more.
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